Since 2003, Monem Technology Services has provided a wide range of technology consulting for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and corporate clients. We specialize in aiding executives gain clearer insights into their business analytics, technology investments and IT spending. Our work includes Data Analytics, ERP Planning, Systems Planning, Business Process Planning, Data Integrity Analysis, Web Business Audits, Online Marketing Audits, SEO reviews, PPC Reviews, IT Project Evaluations and more.

In addition to consulting, we've created and managed Business IT projects for companies in the fields of IT, Legal, Medical, Dental, Aviation, Finance and E-Commerce.

We leverage our successful experience for companies looking to gain insight into their IT projects and investments. Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation and see how we can help you today with more precise answers!

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Our Services

Web Business Management

Leveraging the web for business growth is an absolute must. Your company's success online begins with proper analysis of your online strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities. Whether it's increased leads, sales or reviews you need, we'll help you achieve your goals, all while maximizing your ROI.

Technology Consulting

Technology-related issues can be complex and challenging. You need advice to solve problems. We listen, analyze, review and help solve business IT problems on your behalf. We'll help you identify and rectify overpriced, inefficient and outdated IT systems, services and processes. Call us today to find out how.

Brand Marketing Automation

Boost your online revenue up to 40% with actionable intelligence and insightful reporting using advanced AI and Machine Learning Tools. Our powerful email automations will strengthen your relationships with your customers. Your company's P&L will thank you when we help you increase conversions. Ask us how!

ERP Analysis & Planning

You want a better system for your Company and don't have free time to interview software vendors and sit through countless software demos to find your perfect system? Let us match your needs with ERP Systems within your budget. We provide in-depth, affordable ERP consultation and guidance.

Small Biz Technology Consultant Blog

Posted by MTS August 26, 2021

Top Reasons Why Small Business CEOs Should Not D-I-Y Their Tech Projects.

How CEOs and Business Owners can lose thousands of dollars and waste valuable time by not having access to Technology Project Consultants who watch out for their interests first.

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Posted by admin ON December 07, 2021

Does your tech need an upgrade? You may not know until it's too late.

If you run a small business and are not a tech expert, how do you know which programs you need if you don't have an expert watching out for you while analyzing different software programs?

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Posted by admin ON January 1, 2022

Wanted: A tech person who understands your business.

Who can you turn to when you need someone who understands computer code, supply-chains, warehousing and unique complexies within your business operations? Try Monem Technology.

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